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Euro-Prestige Spanish Properties Ltd (Spain on Show) has been established in the Southern Costa Blanca for over 20 years. We have an enviable reputation for total professionalism in the Spanish Freehold Property Market. With over 10,000 people having safely bought a property through our group, we proudly believe that if you want a totally “hassle free” purchase, any potential client should consider their options with us. We are here to assist.


We have unrivalled experience in the entire Spanish Property development and sales market. Why risk your hard earned money with a small Agent? We are most happy to supply you with the highest possible references and our thousands of clients can testify to our enviable reputation in all property matters. We guarantee your Title Deeds (Escritura) without any encumbrances whatsoever and we strictly adhere to all relevant legal & planning requirements. You are safe with us.

Some people who buy abroad try to do it on their own thinking they are going to save money and find a bargain; sadly these are the people whom you read about. You cannot cut corners or take advice from a friend over a drink in a bar. You either buy a property the correct way, get all the relevant paperwork checked, pay the taxes and instruct a qualified lawyer or you can just trust your luck. You would always use a registered lawyer in the UK or Ireland and it is just the same abroad. It is truly amazing how many people buy a property with little or no knowledge of the countries' legalities and then complain that they have lost money. Unless you speak fluent Spanish and clearly understand all the relevant documentation and paperwork required before, during and after your purchase we respectfully suggest you forget it. Play safe use Euro-Prestige and you will find your purchase is probably a lot cheaper than you think and no hassle whatsoever. We are professionals.

In Spain, the laws of buying property are extremely strict and if you take good advice from a professional organisation such as Euro-Prestige, you will get exactly what you paid for with no headaches or sleepless nights, so why risk it?

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