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Rafal believes that it has two main characteristics which distinguish it from it’s neighbours. Firstly, there is their great passion for music and the town boasts not only a musical academy but also an impressive purpose built auditorium which is part of the new Ayuntamiento building and this was constructed in 1999. This auditorium with wonderful acoustics is listed as one of the places of interest to see when you visit Rafal; such is their pride in the structure. A number of performances are staged during the course of the year and it is worthwhile to look in the local press for details or indeed to get information from the Ayuntamiento. The Musical Academy is a corner building near the Plaza de España and one amusing feature is that even the window grills display musical notes.

Rafal is a pretty village to visit. Park the car and walk round the various parks and plazas for there is much to see which could be so easily missed if one stayed in the car. Indeed if driving through Rafal you could almost be forgiven for thinking that it is not much more than one ‘bendy’ main road, it is only when you start to explore that you appreciate all that it has to offer. Shops, banks, bars and restaurants sit side by side with the older Spanish style houses, some new buildings and the schools and sports ground including the sports hall.

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