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Murcia Region

In the south-east of Spain lies a land full of contrasts that offers you thousands of opportunities to enjoy your free time; a land of mild temperatures all year round, 240 kilometres of coastline with superb beaches, rocky areas to explore and sheer cliffs. The interior offers huge plains, dramatic mountain ranges and endless vineyards and rice fields. This region is ideal for both rest and relaxation, for discovering nature and the arts, for practising sports and savouring the local cuisine. A place full of light waiting to be enjoyed: the home of the sun.

Beaches and Water-Sports

The Murcian coast is all sunshine. 240 kilometers of coastline, offering some marvellous temperatures and two seas – the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean. Impressive cliffs, wonderful deserted beaches of white sands stretching into the distance, lively harbours and secluded coves. Aguilas, Mazarron, La Manga and the Mar Menor are ideal destinations for spending a few unforgettable days of rest and relaxation, whether it be winter or summer. Water-sports lovers will also find one of the best places in the world here for sailing, canoeing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, flysurfing, windsurfing and catamaraning. Sunshine, sand and water-sports in year-round temperatures of 20 Celsius.

Energy and Discovery

The region’s sun-blessed climate is ideal for exploring Murcia’s interior, a unique destination for enjoying the delights of nature or trying your hand at caving, breadmaking and distilling, or discovering cave paintings or just walking through oak, pine or juniper woods. The various parts of the region offer a wealth of contrasts- the North-east, the Ricote Valley, the North-west and the Sierra Espuna – boasting innumerable castles, fortifications, churches, hermitages, medieval palaces and all the old stories and legends that go with them.

Light and Discovery

Light is essential in order to enjoy the local culture. The Region of Murcia has always been an area of strategic importance in the Mediterranean. Here you will find cave paintings dating from the Iberian period, vestiges of the Roman Empire, and Visigothic, Moorish and Medieval towns. You will find castles, lookout towers, temples, civil and military buildings, museums…, all forming part of an impressive heritage. Visit Cartagena “Port of Many Cultures”, a city that celebrates its 3,000 years of history . Travel back through time in Lorca “The Workshop of Time”, or enjoy the charms of the Holy Town of Caravaca de la Cruz. All under the bright and sunny skies of Murcia.

Health and Beauty

The sun gives us energy, a natural energy that is ever-present in Murcia at an extensive range of spas and saltwater treatment centres. Visitors will find medical minerals waters in Fortuna for rheumatic and skin disorders, thermal mud treatments featuring analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, seawater, treatments that use Mar Menor water rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine and fluorine, not to mention mud treatments with highly therapeutic benefits. All this in marvellous surroundings and in the expert hands of staff specialised in improving your health and quality of life. In short, something to suit the most demanding tastes and needs.

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