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What are the costs of running a home in Spain?

The Annual running costs for a Spanish property is considerably lower than a comparable property in the U.K.

For example, the total running costs for an average sized 2 bed-2 bath low-rise apartment in a private community & good location will be £858 per annum.

Naturally running costs vary dependant on property size and land involved but in general it is safely estimated to be 40% of the U.K.

Breakdown of costs (Yearly):

  • Standing charges for water & electricty - approx £128
  • Local rates & daily refuse collection - approx £85
  • Urbanisation Community Charges, this covers swimming pools and communal gardens etc. - approx £257
  • House & household contents insurance - approx £110
  • Spanish Government Property Tax - approx £150
  • Spanish Fiscal Representative - approx £128

It is advised to appoint a Spanish Fiscal Representative to arrange all your relevant paperwork, insurance, wills, standing orders, pay taxes, rental agreements, declarations and any translation where needed.

Total Yearly Running Cost ~ £858

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What is The Padrón?

If you live in Spain for more than six months, you must sign on the local Town Hall Register (Padrón). In order to register at the Town Hall they will ask you to bring with your Title Deeds (Escritura) or utility bill from your property and your passport.

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What documents do I need to carry in my car when I am driving in Spain?

Whilst driving a car in Spain you are required to carry:

  • Driving Licence
  • Certificate of Ownership.
  • ITV (MOT) Certificate of road worthiness.
  • Road Tax.
  • Certificate of Insurance.

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How do I bring my own car over to Spain?

This is not a problem - however you must transfer your vehicle onto Spanish plates if staying for longer than six months (E.U. Citizens).

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How do I rent a car in Spain?

Spain has a wide choice of car rental companies. You will be surprised how cheap and easy it is to arrange. Of course, you will need a valid driving license. You will be able to find rent a car in airports and train stations.

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What are the additional costs I should be aware of when buying a house in Spain?

When you purchase a property in Spain the additional costs amount to approx 3.5% of net contract price, this can raise if the purchaser requires a Spanish Mortgage to approx 5% of the purchase net price, this extra cost is for the bank to obtain a copy of the title deed.

  • 7% IVA (VAT). With Spain on Show all our prices already included the 7% VAT.
  • Notary/Land Registry fee.
  • Legal conveyancing fee.
  • Water and electricity contracts.
  • Spanish Mortgage set up and fees (if applicable)

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Getting a mortgage in Spain - Will I have problems getting a mortgage?

Obviously, subject to criteria, mortgages are readily available. With Spain on Show mortgages are granted for up to 70% of the net value of the property. The documents you will need when applying for a mortgage are:

  • Income Tax Return (Form P60).
  • Proof of Earnings (last 3 pay slips, Pension statement).
  • Copy of Passport.
  • Copy of Purchase Contract.

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What is the road system like in Spain?

Spain has an excellent road network, with sophisticated motorways and toll roads, all of them drive on the right hand side!!!

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What is the Community Of Owners?

The community of owners comprises all those who own a property in an community/apartment, residential area, etc. that share communal areas or services such as lifts, swimming pools, gardens etc,etc.

Every year (that will depend of the organizasion) there is an elected President (Presidente) and an Administrator (Administrador). Normally the community fee (cuota) that you will have to pay is based on the dimensions of your property and communal facilities available. Community fees are generally paid on a yearly basis.

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Can I set up a Spanish will?

Property owners are strongly advised to make a Spanish will, an uncomplicated process, but this is to ensure that your wishes are fully understood and only affects any assets you may have in Spain.

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How do I apply for permanent residence (Residencia) in Spain?

You apply for Residencia if you have lived in Spain for more than 183 days of the year. If you decided to apply for a Residencia you will be asked for:

  • Passport.
  • Photographs.
  • Proof of Monthly Income or Pension.
  • Proof of Private Health Insurance or E121 Form.

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What is a Spanish N.I.E. Number?

The N.I.E. is a foreigner's identification number. All foreigners living in Spain must apply for this identification number. In Spain NI (National Identification) is a very important document and the Spanish are asked by the authorities to carry this I.D. with them at all times.

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Will I be safe living in Spain?

Simply adopt the same common sense precautions as you would in your home country, buying with a well established company such as “Spain on Show” will give you all the guaranties you need and we can easily recommend any services that one might require. Over 10,000 satisfied clients who have already bought with us are now enjoying their dreams homes in the sun.

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Can I bring my pet(s) with me if I move to Spain?

Yes, but your pet(s) must be fully vaccinated (particularly against Rabies) at least one month prior to your arrival in Spain. Consult your Vet before making any plans.

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Living in Spain, will getting my child into school be a problem?

Spain offers many private bi-lingual schools - English (GCSE curriculum), Norwegian, Swedish as well as free excellent Spanish state schools.

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How good is the public transportation in Spain?

You'll have easy access to local and long distance buses, an excellent network of train services and a wide availability of taxis. Public transport in Spain is also reasonably priced.

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What is access to television like in Spain?

All your home comforts are available; digital satellite TV (Sky, BBC) as well as MMDS (Multi channel TV via aerial reception) and Spanish language TV.

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What social activities will I find in Spain?

Spain is the country of the SIESTA and the FIESTA!!! If there is something that the Spaniards know to do better than anyone else is to have a great time and enjoy life.

You will easily find hobbies and pastimes to keep you busy everyday, you have line dancing, bridge, chess, bingo, keep fit, choirs, Spanish classes, computer courses, art classes, charitable organizations (for voluntary work), Spirituality - all faiths and beliefs are represented. And the best of all, every activity under the SUN!

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