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If you are contemplating purchasing a home in Spain, why not let the experts who specialise in that area do the hard work for you? It is an irrefutable fact that you will see and learn more with “Spain on Show” in 3/4 days than 3/4 weeks on your own and obviously it will be far more cost effective.

We always have over thirty fully furnished show properties in various designs and styles for you to view together with an abundance of homes that are completed, or nearing completion. Our numerous developments are situated all along the coast and inland, covering a varied and diverse area. Our friendly bilingual couriers have full knowledge of all aspects of buying a home is Spain and they will have the keys to a vast selection of properties in your price range and in suitable locations.


If you are contemplating purchasing a new home in Spain in the near future, the legal profession will advise you to join a professionally run viewing tour with a fully registered company specialising in the area. Viewing tours are relaxed informative and as we do not employ high pressure sales staff, the only decision will be your own.

We genuinely allow our properties and the idyllic areas “to do the talking” and the rest is entirely up to you. We are there only to guide you on the correct and legal way to buy with total confidence.

Over 10,000 people have trusted us so far!

Your viewing tour comprises flights, spotlessly clean en-suite hotel accommodation, all meals, all transport and the expertise of our trained staff are at your disposal.

We also arrange appointments with English-speaking legal representatives and Bank staff to answer any questions you may have.

For Viewing Tour Dates and further information about your viewing trip to Spain, click here to view our viewing tour dates.

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